What Happens To Empty Timber Pallets That Accumulate Outside Of Warehouses?

Generally, many people believe that these Timber Pallets mostly go to the landfills. However, this has not been the case now for the last couple of years.


Due to the emergence of an efficient pallet recycling industry, more old wood pallets are being recovered for repair and reused. The increasing popularity of using pallets is also providing an outlet for a small but increasingly notable proportion of them.

The pallet recovery is most likely in locations where there are greater accumulations. The value proposition for pallet recyclers is more attractive where there are larger quantities of the more valuable popular sizes.

Even where only minimal amounts of empty pallets are found, the collectors of such products, operating with small truck or trailer, often collect them for resale.

About The Recovered Pallets

The recovered pallets are repaired for reuse and a few of them may be reused without repair. They are also dismantled to be used as replacement lumber or in the construction of new pallets using recycled lumber. It might also be used for waste to energy products such as boiler fuel or wood pellets.

On the basis of the current trends in logistics towards Recycled Pallets, it can be predicted that the pallet recovery will continue to improve.

How Used or Second Hand Pallets can help start-up businesses?

  • Several companies deal in recycled or second hand pallets. This is particularly because they cost less and new business start-ups always strive to invest less and gain more.
  • Several food and steel industries along with other retail and manufacturing companies use Pallet Racks for storing their products.


A wrong decision with pallets can be a headache for the businesses. However, if you are purchasing second hand pallets, it is also important to consider the equipment required to haul the pallets.

You may search for the established Pallet Suppliers, to avail such items.

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