What Is Recycling Of Pallets?

Generally, Pallets are in the shipping industry to hold boxes of products and can be easily handled by a forklift, pallet jack and other jacking devices. Pallets are largely made up of wood, but there are also plastic, paper and metal pallets.

Recycling Pallets

Opposing the popular belief that these pallets mostly end in the landfills, they are generally reused, repaired, or recycled. Some of them are even used as a bio-fuel. Research shows that 95% of wood pallets are recovered into reusable materials.

Recycling Pallets play an important role in conserving the forests and energy. According to the few experts, the world would be able to save about 43 million trees if it can recycle about 350 million pallets a year. Recycling also helps to divert useable materials from the landfill.

Background of Pallet Recycling

Wood pallet recycling include activities such as sorting, refurbishing, dismantling, and reconstruction of pallets for sale. It may also include crushing of pallets and pallet components for fiber product. The pallet recyclers prefer the most common sizes of pallets. Furthermore, the pallet recycling sector of the pallet collection and delivery industry has seen a rapid and significant growth in the recent years.

As pallet users become aware of the importance of pallet recycling, they are gradually embracing the use of reconditioned pallets. What makes these pallets even more attractive is the fact that they usually come at lower prices than the new pallets of similar quality.

How Pallet Recycling is Done?

Used, broken, and damaged pallet can be recycled in various different ways. Somewhat damaged pallets can be repaired by pallet processing companies and sold back into the marketplaces, at the discounted prices.

Completely damaged pallets are normally shredded. Pallets are generally made of the same type of wood. This means that if you want to reuse the wood, you will be getting a consistent product. If you have any unused pallets, you must send them to a pallet recycle for reprocessing.


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